GDPR Policy

The data held is based primarily but not exclusively on the application form filled in when applying to join the Group or any changes subsequently notified to the Group and will contain name, address, contact details in the form of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and any preferences specified in relation to their membership together with membership renewal dates.

In addition any Group owned property in their possession will be recorded, e.g. awards, costumes etc.that ultimately have to be returned.

Data held by the Group will be used in order to administer their membership and to keep member informed of Group activities and may be viewed by an individual member upon request.

Data held on members will only be released to other members where it is necessary to enable them to undertake their role in the running of the Group.

Data will be held during the currency of their membership and for a period of three years after their membership ceases or until any Group property has been returned whichever is the longer.

Any member has the right to resign their membership at any time and request removal of their data subject to satisfying the return of property condition.

25th May 2018